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   We currently have twelve different framed or unframed poetry writings available, our poems are for the whole family to love and enjoy.  Get one for that special son or daughter, mom and dad or that blessed grandchild.  What a great way to let that special person know how you feel about them.  Or maybe you have a wall in your house that could use some special words.  The text below is just a sample of one of our poems.
Titles Available
• Child
• My Grandchild
• Son
• Daughter
• Mom
• Mom & Dad
• My Daily Prayer
• The Solution
• My Home
• A Thought
• Reflections of Love
• My Friend
The Child, mankind's ultimate gift to mankind, for with the child of this day lies our hopes, dreams, and social answers for tomorrow, tomorrow the child of today will govern, lead & produce. As the farmer plants the seeds that will bear the fruits for the betterment of mankind, to nourish the hungry of the world, so does man with love and compassion plant the seed that will bear the child with hopes that it too will one day feed and nourish the hunger of minds with the knowledge that child will one day possess.

Like the farm fields that are nourished by the rains and sunshine and are given the foods so the plants may grow, so must the child's mind have food so it too may grow. It needs the food of knowledge, the love and understanding, the encouragement....